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The Nu Class is located on the First Floor, Room 6 of First United Methodist Church of Orlando, 142 E. Jackson St., Orlando FL 32801. It meets from 9:30 am to 10:45 am Sundays.

To reach a Nu Class Officer, please use:
with the name of the person in the subject line.


President                      Phyllis Stopford

Vice President              Frank Gilbert

Treasurer                      Sue Cepull
Assistants                    Susan and Warren Tedder

Communications Committee
                                     Rick Sickles (Chair)

                                     Rob Evans
                                     Jim Manuel
                                     Gene Zimmerman
                                     Kathleen McLaurin
                                     Raymer McGuire

Curriculum Committee
                                    Kathleen McLaurin (Chair)
                                               John Richard
                                    Kent Horsley
                                    Rebecca Sickles
                                    Rick Sickles
                                    Emily Ann Zimmerman
                                    Gene Zimmerman
                                    Debbie Manuel
                                    Doug Barrett

Member Records/Publications
                                    Frank Gilbert

Shepherding/Hospitality Committee
           Jim Manuel (Interim Chair)
                                    Rebecca Sickles
                                    Shirley Cannon
Social Committee
                                    Lora Gilbert (Chair)
                                    Donna Horsley
                                    Nancy and Fred Peed,
                                    Joyce Johnson

Sound and Recording

                                    Doug Barrett

Theology Weekend Committee

                                         Robert VanHorne
                                     Nancy Peed
                                     John Richard
                                     Penny Leggett

Web Administrators
                                    Myra Wells and Drew Gribble


For information or questions about the Nu Class, please contact us at

If news should go on our web site, please forward to Nu Class Web Administrator at

To forward class-related information/news to the Nu Class e-mail list, please send to:

If information/news is not to be distributed to the complete e-mail list, send to Rick (E-mail List Publisher) with routing instructions at:

 A few Nu Class members do not have computers and do not receive e-mail. For them, “snail mail” or “word of mouth” is necessary.