Theology Weekend

Every year, the NU class organizes and sponsors a winter weekend seminar on a topic of religious/theological significance. A guest speaker is invited to lead the discussion with sessions usually held on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The seminar is free and open to the public.

NU Class 50th Anniversary

 Theology Weekend, September 11 and 12, 2021

Saturday, September 11



John Dominic Crossan, Bible scholar and author

How Can We Christians Choose to Follow Jesus, The Prince of Peace, in a Chaotic World?

The theme for Crossan’s remarks was Divine Violence in the Christian Bible. The morning lecture, from the Old Testament, was on Sanction Theology or Sabbath Theology. The afternoon lecture, from the New Testament, was on Peace through Victory or Peace through Justice.

There are two competing visions within the Christian Bible of the Jewish God of Creation, developed side by side from Genesis to Revelation: violent or nonviolent. Jesus chose one model to follow. The basis for the theme and lectures was Crossan’s book, How to Read the Bible and Still be a Christian. It is readily available from numerous sources and in new and used versions.

John Dominic Crossan, an Irish-American former Catholic priest and  retired university professor,  is an acclaimed Bible scholar and author. He is a major New Testament researcher, and historian of early Christianity and of culture of the Ancient  Mediterranean and New Testament worlds. He is a past president of the Society of Biblical Literature.

Sunday, September 12

NU Class Discussion and Review of Saturday Lectures 

John Richard

Teacher of the “The Historical Jesus Class” at First Church for 25 years

Thanks to his long term close relationship with Dom Crossan, and his background knowledge of Historical Jesus, John  was uniquely qualified to lead a NU Class discussion and review of  the Saturday talks in down to earth interpretations and explanations that gave further meaning and clarification to some of the theology that was presented the day before.


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