President – Gail Lippincott                     

Vice President – Donna Horsley   

Treasurer – Sue Cepull 

Curriculum Chairman- Debby Manuel                   

Curriculum Committee – Ann Murrah, Ron Lee, Marsee Perkins, John Richard, Shelly Ward, Doug Barrett

Curriculum Calendar Coordinator – Rick Sickles

Zoom Computer Support – Gail Lippincott, Rick Sickles         

Classroom Technical Support – Doug Barrett, Mary Maxwell, Bruce Williamson

Social Chairman – Jim Manuel                          

Class Care:  Chair – Joan Cooper, Vice Chair – Phyllis Stopford                  

Theology Weekend – Nancy Peed, Debbie Hill    

Web Administrator – Jean Werth   

To forward class-related information/news to the Nu Class, please send to:

To request a link to a presentation or for other information, email