How To Zoom


Let us see you in the Gallery of the Meeting

Look at yourself in the Gallery.  Are you showing?  If not, adjust your position or your camera so we can see you.

How to join the NU Class Meeting

See group email from on Wednesday, or as soon as possible there after, the week before the meeting.  It will contain the web page URL, meeting phone numbers, and the day’s password.  

When you are ready to join the meeting, use the web page URL.  Click on it. If a screen does not appear saying “Join a Meeting,” copy the URL and enter it in another browser.

A screen will appear that says “Join a Meeting.”

Click the “join” link.

If this is your first Zoom meeting,there is a You Tube video below explaining what to expect. It will explain you will be prompted to download and install Zoom, so allow at least a minute or so before the meeting start time for this process. Follow the steps to download and execute Zoom.

Then after you execute Zoom, a screen will appear that says “Join a Meeting.”

Click the “join” link.

You will be attached to a waiting room. As the host recognizes expected participants, the host admits them to the meeting.

(This may take a minute or so at the beginning of the meeting if many people are waiting to enter at the same time.)

When you are admitted, your device’s camera, microphone and speaker will be on.

Click “Open Video” or “Audio Only.”

(If you are in your bathrobe or don’t have your make-up on, you can click or tap “Audio Only” so no one can see you, although you will be able to see everyone else.)

You will be able to hear other participants. They will hear you if you are not muted.

Look for the mute button (image of microphone) on your screen. If it has a red slash through it, you are muted; click it to unmute yourself. Click mute if the dog won’t stop barking at the cat next door. The host can mute you if you start getting out of hand!

When the class begins, the host will mute everyone and call on participants one by one to speak. This includes putting everyone on mute when the Guest Speaker is talking.

If you would like to see a video instructing you how to get started your first time or two using Zoom, click on the arrow in the You Tube video below. When you see this symbol in the video, you will be seeing NU Class people instead of the symbol.